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          Redefining power distribution through digitisation

              chneider Electric, a global specialist in energy   In case of power outage, customers can minimise downtime
              management and automation, has announced the local  and restore power quickly and safely using their smart phone. Key
          Slaunch of the MasterPact MTZ, the next generation of high­  data is saved before tripping (measures, protection settings) and
          power low­voltage circuit breakers, combining the company’s  even without power, thanks to an NFC connection that gives a root
          legendary performance and reliability with new digital  cause explanation and step­by­step breaker reclosing and power
          capabilities. The MasterPact MTZ will be available in South  recovery instructions.
          Africa from 1 December.                                MasterPact MTZ is future ready as it seamlessly integrates
             MasterPact MTZ is the first air circuit breaker to embed  within the Smart Panels architecture and can be remotely
          accurate Class1 power metering, compliant and certified  monitored and controlled with any supervision system to carry out
          with IEC 61557­12. Energy efficiency is achieved thanks to  predictive and preventive maintenance and asset and energy
          accurate energy usage analysis, optimization, cost allocation  management, thanks to its embedded Ethernet connection.
          and assessment of energy usage trends. Energy management
          is compliant with international regulations ISO 50001 and  Providing a digital user experience throughout its lifecycle,
          IEC 60364­8.                                        MasterPact MTZ also offers unprecedented connectivity.
             Building on its strengths, the MasterPact MTZ will offer the  This includes:
          same ratings, the same tripping performance and the same  •  Design single­line diagrams with Ecodial and switchboards
          footprint for seamless, quick integration and retrofitting in  with Ecoreal.
          switchboards as the current MasterPact range. This seamless  •  Configure and order using the MyPact digital configurator and
          transition from MasterPact NT/NW to MasterPact MTZ means  ordering tool.
          no switchboard redesign required and no need to run  •  Build, commission, and conduct factory­acceptance tests
          switchboard recertification tests as per IEC 61439­2. In  through Ecoreach software.
          addition, the product offers easy integration in Smart Panels  •  Maintain and operate real­time using the full potential of
          and connection to management systems with native embedded  PowerStruxure that includes embedded web pages, Facility
          Ethernet connection.                                   hero, Facility Insights, Power Monitoring Expert, Power Scada
             Anglophone Africa Buildings VP, Devan Pillay says: “The new  Expert, and seamless integration into SmartStruxure building
          MasterPact MTZ’s native ethernet connectivity, digital  management.
          capabilities and ability to be seamlessly integrated into our  •  Upgrade and customize at any time in the cycle with
          EcoStruxure architecture, offers our customers superior circuit  digital modules.
          protection, while maximising efficiencies in energy management
          and maintenance.”                                   In addition, from planning to installation, operation, maintenance,
             MasterPact MTZ protects equipment and activity against  optimising and renewal, MasterPact MTZ can be managed through
          cable overloads, short circuits and insulation faults. It offers  Schneider Electric’s Field Services organisation. This expertise,
          outstanding power uptime demanded by low voltage electrical  combined with the native connectivity of MasterPact MTZ and
          distribution networks, even in the harshest environments. It also  Smart Panels, enables conditions­based maintenance, remote
          offers excellent mechanical and electrical performance, going  facility management, asset management and improved energy
          beyond standards and withstanding the highest levels in voltage  management services, providing significant cost savings in energy
          fluctuations, electromagnetic disturbances, vibrations, shocks,  and maintenance as well as advanced technical support.
          corrosive and chemical ambience, and severe temperatures.
             Customising MasterPact MTZ with digital modules can  Key MasterPact MTZ benefits include:
          also be achieved anytime, anywhere. Various advanced  •  A new industry first with embedded Class 1 metering, saving
          function options are available with digital modules for  project time and energy usage.
          protection, measurement, diagnostics and maintenance. The  •  Improved mechanical and electrical performance, even in
          MasterPact MTZ is scalable at any stage of the lifecycle from  harsh environments.
          design and configuration to commissioning (for last minute  •  Ability to monitor and control circuit breaker safely with a
          changes) and operation upgrades, without power interruption  smart phone as main Human Machine Interface (HMI), even in
          or protection shutdowns.                               power outage.
             Achieving safe and efficient day­to­day facility management  •  Stay notified of any event and prevent overloads through real­
          is easier through connectivity to smart phones and operations  time remote monitoring capabilities.
          and analytic software. The interactive smart HMI reduces safety  •  Ability to customise circuit breaker with digital modules for
          risk for local maintenance as no direct contact is required for  ultra­flexibility and operational efficiency without downtime.
          quick analysis and action through a secure Bluetooth connection.   •  Integrate MasterPact in Smart Panels seamlessly thanks to the
             Quick view, self­diagnosis of protection setting and  embedded Ethernet connection.
          modification, energy consumption, power quality, phase balance,  •  Same footprint allowing easier upgrades and replacements
          and health status are all available real time. In addition, for remote  without any need for re­certification.   n
          notifications, the Facility Hero digital maintenance and collaborative
          logbook allows proactive maintenance and ensures secure  For more information on MasterPact MTZ, please visit
          continuity of operation, periodic inspection, warnings and alarms.

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