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                                      Automation and Control | Electronics | Measurement and instrumentation | Technology and IoT

                                          HYPERSCALE DATA CENTRE
                                           ENABLING DIGITAL

        Who will keep the                  TRANSFORMATION
        lights on when ICASA
        flips the big switch on
        30 November?                      ACROSS AFRICA

        How business can
        harness the power of

        Coding unplugged

        Cost saving is the core
        of condition monitoring

        The next-Gen SDR
        transceiver delivers

        big advances in
        frequency hopping

        Small but mighty NASA
        weather instruments
        prepare for launch

        Weak signals, amateur
        radio and a Nobel Prize

                                                EXPANSION COMPLETED

                                                 Expansion of Cape Town Hyperscale Data Centre Campus completed.

                                          The world connects here.
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