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                                      Transform your home into a place of

                      sophistication and luxury

                                              by shopping at Winston Sahd

                  rom fancy cars to high-
                  fashion clothing and
            Fexquisite furniture, Italy
            has been known as a leader
            in the design industry for
            centuries. Meticulous attention
            to detail, the use of only the
            finest materials and superb
            skills and craftsmanship are the
            components of truly authentic
            Italian style.
              Timeless, like a work of art,
            Italian-style furniture lends an
            air of opulence and beauty to
            any home.  When you invest in
            this kind of furniture, you know
            it will last a lifetime and form the
            perfect backdrop to your elegant
              For years,  Winston Sahd has
            been importing genuine Italian-
            style furniture to grace the homes
            of discerning home owners.
            You’ll find lounge, dining room
            and bedroom furniture, as well
            as coffee tables, wall units, tea
            trolleys, screens, mirrors, clocks,
            wall art, ornaments and more
            at their stores in Midrand Mall,
            Southgate Mall, central Pretoria
            and Menlyn Park Shopping Centre
            in Gauteng – and in their stores in
            the Eastern and Western Cape.
              Available  in    classical,
            contemporary  and   modern
            designs, the finely-crafted Italian-
            style furniture at Winston Sahd is
            not only luxurious, it’s made from
            the best materials for comfort
            and longevity.
              Pop   into  any  of  the
            Winston Sahd stores, or visit
    to  view
            the magnificent ranges of Italian-
            style furniture available.

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