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        1  | All the “news” of the new year
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        4  | New transformer monitoring technology gives speedy results
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        5  | Tackling the challenge of electrifying 60 000 houses in Africa
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        6  | EPC energises Greefspan II PV plant
                                                                                   the author(s).
        8  | Growing solar in Africa
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        8  | Training for machine maintenance teams available
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        9  | Power grids’ digital enterprise solutions integrated and rebranded
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        10 | Another green project joins North West province’s green power map
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        10 | The digital sensor age is here
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        11 | Redefining power distribution through digitisation
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        12 | Taking standardised electrical designs into new markets
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        12 | New smokestack instrumentation a towering success
                                                                                   South African law. Permission is not required to
        13 | Graduate employer of choice 2020
                                                                                   make abstracts, on condition that a full
        14 | City powers up its own future with increased uptake from IPPs
                                                                                   reference to the source is shown. Requests for
        15 | Mitsubishi Electric’s new ACB reduces installation and maintenance stress
                                                                                   permission for other kinds of copying should be
        15 | Food retailers make predictive maintenance a reality
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        16 | Renewables, energy storage and the future of smart cities
        17 | Additional 140 MW of wind capacity reaches COD
        18 | Connected solutions for construction equipment
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        18 | World's largest utility-scale battery energy storage system online
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        20 | Kipeto wind power project connected to national grid
                                                                                   the editor. In addition, views expressed by the
        21 | African Rainbow Energy and Power acquires stake in SOLA Group
                                                                                   editor do not necessarily reflect the views of
        22 | Ending 2020 on a high note
                                                                                   EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd or any other person or
        22 | Water heater delivers ultra-efficient, eco-friendly performance with award-winning design
                                                                                   organisation associated with energize.
        23 | Gas-to-power options emerge on local energy scene
                                                                                     It is a condition of publishing material in
        24 | There’s energy storage and then there’s clean, quiet energy storage
                                                                                   energize that EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd shall not be
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        19 | DEHNguard with ACI technology: Safety redefined
                                                                                   article, advertisement, picture, comment, view or
                                                                                   opinion. This applies to publishing, failing to
        25 | Power developments in Africa
                                                                                   publish, late publishing or incorrectly publishing
                                                                                   any article, advertisement, insert, picture,
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        26 | South Africa’s electricity supply: What’s tripping the switch?
                                                                                     It is acknowledged that errors in transcript,
        28 | REDZ role in South Africa’s just energy transition
                                                                                   human and technical errors can and do occur,
                                                                                   but that reasonable effort will be made to
                                                                                   minimise their occurence, and to acknowledge
        29 | Developments in PV module technology initiates new high-power technology platform
                                                                                   and correct such errors when they are brought
        31 | The application of blockchain technology in power systems
                                                                                   to the attention of EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd.
        33 | Advanced metering infrastructure: A step towards the smart grid
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