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        Tackling the challenge of electrifying

        60 000 houses in Africa

        Information from Eya Bantu

          t has been estimated that more than a  Massive rural project success
          billion people world-wide lack access to  A recently completed project provides electricity to a rural community of 60 000 homes
          affordable, reliable, grid-connected  in Uganda.
       Ielectricity. Of these, over 600-million live  Eya Bantu’s Naas Burger, together with a team of about 80 specialists, managed the
        in Africa. Although we often hear about the  massive rural electrification scheme recently.
        need to ensure that electricity is available to  Working in cooperation with German energy consultancy, GOPA Intec, which had been
        everyone, a concept referred to as   contracted by the Ugandan government, South African energy experts Eya Bantu
        “universal access”, the status quo remains.  responded to the government’s need to supply rural homes with electricity.
           One South African company which is  Dubbed “Energy for rural transformation phase three (ERT III)”, the Ugandan
        working hard to address this pressing  government’s project entailed the construction and installation of a 33 kV (MV) distribution
        need is Eya Bantu. Even the company’s  network with distribution transformers to the routing of 400 V (LV) lines.
        name reflects its desire to provide power  The project, which was funded by the World Bank, was designed and executed by
        to everyone, for in English it means  Eya Bantu in cooperation with the internationally renowned consultancy GOPA Intec.
        “Power for the people”. Furthermore, the  Eya Bantu’s role was to provide cabling and wiring from the 33 kV substation to the
        company’s stated mission is to uplift,  various distribution transformers and beyond.
        develop and empower local communities.  The project called for many preliminary steps such as interviewing every resident
           With projects all over Southern Africa  along a 2000 km corridor where electrical cables were to be strung. This meant speaking
        and beyond, Eya Bantu is a truly     to the tens of thousands of people who could be potentially affected by the installation of
        international local company. This firm of  an electrical network across their properties; ensuring that no environmental damage
        consultants has offices in Bloemfontein,  resulted from the installations; and calculating compensation for those families whose
        Cape Town, East London, George, Port  homes may have had to be relocated or negatively impacted by the installation of this
        Elizabeth, and Lusaka.               new electrical infrastructure.

        Introducing the project to the Mukono community      Contractor installing a distribution transformer

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