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        Updated IRP is on its way, but will it really be any different?     1
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        Cast resin transformers: The path to a greener future               4       any article for publication, the authors confirm
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        Wind energy association unpacks complexities of procurement process   6     publication. The editor reserves the right to edit
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        Promoted to drawing office manager                                  7
        Decarbonisation service supports customers’ emissions goals         8       Editing and/or shortening is done with due
        Solar-powered light tower scores four zeros                         9       dilligence, where necessary in conjuction with
        Goodbye to the manometer needle                                    10       the author(s).
        Feedback from the recent technical NFC webinar                     11          No part of this publication may be
        Upgraded boiler units to meet new emission regulations             12       reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system,
        Cape Town’s N1 benefits from LED streetlighting upgrade            13       or transmitted in any form, or by any means,
        Why electricians and HVAC technicians need professional-grade laser levels   14  except as described below, without the written
        Control Techniques wins iF Design Award 2022                       15       permission of EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd. Copying of
        Fuel cells for heavy duty trucks                                   16
        Unit 4 of the Kusile power station enters commercial operation     17       articles is not permitted except for personal and
        Cutting a great deal: introducing new developments and products    18       internal use, to the extent permitted by South
        Cost-effective electrical termination solutions for the construction industry   19  African law. Permission is not required to make
        ESS to smooth grid integration for Côte d’Ivoire’s first solar plant   20   abstracts, on condition that a full reference to
        Accelerating the Industrial Edge through partnership               22       the source is shown. Requests for permission for
        One-stop shop for mining procurement                               23       other kinds of copying should be addressed to
        Winner of Top Performer distinction for eighth consecutive year    24
        Keeping remote access for monitoring secure                        25       EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd.
        A brilliant piece of engineering                                   25
        New green power projects signed                                    26       Disclaimer
        Battery cell facility built to meet growing demand for battery storage   27  Articles published in energize do not necessarily
        Growth strategy accelerates with three key staff appointments      28       reflect the views of EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd or
        Gauteng youth help solve technology challenges of the global energy transition   29  the editor. In addition, views expressed by the
        SAPVIA appoints new CEO                                            30       editor do not necessarily reflect the views of
        Solar mounting system with additional elements                     31       EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd or any other person or
        Predictive maintenance with wireless tools                         32
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        POWER DEVELOPMENTS IN AFRICA                                       33          It is a condition of publishing material in
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        The state of smart home adoption in SA                             34       arising from the publication in good faith of any
        Benefits of vanadium redox flow batteries for energy storage       36       article, advertisement, picture, comment, view
        Wind and solar supplied 10% of global generation in 2021           38       or opinion. This applies to publishing, failing to
        Advantages of investing in energy-efficient technology             40
        SA needs a national priority project to deal with load shedding – now   41  publish, late publishing or incorrectly publishing
        Multiple benefits from SA’s move towards renewables                43       any article, advertisement, insert, picture,
        The Virginia gas project: an overview                              44       caption, etc.
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        TECHNICAL                                                                   human and technical errors can and do occur,
        MV switchgear testing and monitoring                               46       but that reasonable effort will be made to
        Tips for mitigating harmful harmonics                              51       minimise their occurence, and to acknowledge
        Talking transformer testing                                        54
        What is ‘human centric’ lighting?                                  60       and correct such errors when they are brought to
        Frequency protection explained: Variants and rationale             65       the attention of EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd.

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