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                                                                     Scale model     Association with Amazon
                                                                                     and AWS
                                                                                     “We are in a strategic technology
                                                                                     transfer relationship with Amazon”,
                                                                                     Irons said. They bring a lot to the
                                                                                     table from an engineering design
                                                                                     perspective. This will be of great
                                                                                     value when we get to the full
                                                                                     industrialisation phase. Amazon
                                                                                     has various space programmes
                                                                                     currently underway that are very
                                                                                     appealing to us. One specific one
                                                                                     is computer aided engineering. It
                                                                                     does allow the use of computer
                                                                                     software to simulate performance
                                                                                     and to improve product designs.
                                                                                     So for example, it reduces an
                                                                                     analysis of a design from months
                                                                                     to something like two hours,
                                                                                     running it through AWS multiple
                                                                                     computer platforms with the 80 to
                                                                                     100 different computers. They are
        devices, that we will not in the  take-off weight of the aircraft is that we want this  also heavily involved in artificial
        future see batteries with much  aircraft to operate with a single pilot. So we  intelligence, which is really
        higher power densities. However  need to keep the take-off weight within the  appealing to us going forward; for
        right now, that is at least more  regulations that allow for single pilot operation.  example, the Amazon Sage maker,
        than a decade away, so we are  The aircraft will have a range of 2129 nautical  where we're looking to build
        continuing with a hybrid solution.   miles which is around 4400 kilometres and flies at  machine learning models for failure
           The turboshaft engine’s     a speed of 410 knots which is 760 kilometres per  prediction, and preventative
        electrical generators are located  hour. This means a single hop travelling from  maintenance which is a big thing
        within the fuselage, reducing  South Africa to Europe.””                     for us. It all has to do with smart
        noise; this is important as the                                              factory capability and reducing
        aircraft will be landing in built-up  Remote operation                       production cycles. From the time
        areas. The engines are coupled  Garmin has developed auto learning software for  a person places an order for an
        directly to two electrical     some aircraft installations which has already been  aircraft, in the current
        generators, each delivering 1.2  approved for implementation. This is being  environment, it would take 18
        megawatts of power distributed  implemented in Pegasus VBJ, adding to the    months. With Amazon and AWS
        to the electric motors driving  safety, for example if a pilot becomes       involvement, we hope to achieve
        either the lift fans in the wings or  incapacitated, a passenger can hit an emergency  a full manufacturing cycle within
        the thrust fans in the tail. There  button and the aircraft will land itself.   four months.           n
        will be limited power storage on
        board for emergency and safety
           The initial design of this
        aircraft is to have a carrying
        capacity of six to seven
        passengers. “We are looking at
        a useful load of around 650 to
        700 kilograms. The whole
        system weighs around 5 100
        kilograms for vertical take-off.
        We allow an extra load of fuel for
        long haul flights, but then the
        aircraft is limited to a
        conventional take-off. Obviously,
        when landing at the other side,
        most of the fuel would have
        burnt off, making a vertical
        landing possible. The reason for
        the limit placed on the maximum

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