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        SA company develops a vertical

        take-off business jet

             outh Africa is not short of       Vertical take-off jet technology has been in the military airspace for many years but
             innovation and innovators, the  only recently in commercial aviation. “We are not reinventing anything”, Robbie Irons,
        Sproblem is that we do not talk      CEO of Pegasus Universal Aerospace told EngineerIT in an online discussion. “We are
        and write enough about our           taking technology that has already been tried and tested in the military airspace and
        achievements. The development of a   we're adapting it to civil aviation. In the civil aviation space, this is a new generation
        vertical take-off business jet is a good  approach which seems to be the future of aviation going forward. Traditionally there
        example. It is being developed right here  were either rotary or fixed wing solutions and we are combining both of these
        in South Africa and has already been  capabilities into one aircraft. The only caveat and difference is that it's one
        patented here, in the USA and the EU.   comprehensive solution that provides vertical take-off and landing capability through a
           Pegasus VBJ® is the brainchild of  hybrid propulsion system”.
        one of South Africa’s most renowned
        medical practitioners in the field of  Electrical propulsion
        aesthetic medicine, Dr Reza Mia. He is  There are two turbine engines that deliver power to a generator that feeds electrical
        also an avid aeronautics scholar and  power to the fans and thrust fans. That is the current approach, but as newer power
        has made it his mission to innovate the  generation technologies are developed, the turbine engines may well be replaced with
        aerospace and transportation sector,  another electrical solution. Currently the power density of batteries is about 40 times
        both locally and globally. He is the  less than the power density of kerosene. “For our aircraft to achieve the business
        founder of Pegasus Universal         performance that we're looking for, in terms of range and safety, we currently still have
        Aerospace, a South African born      to rely on kerosene”, Irons said. “That is not to say that with all the technologies being
        aerospace company.                   developed such as solid-state batteries and nano cell carbon tubes as battery storage

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