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        What will 2021 bring?                                              1       Copyright of all material appearing in EngineerIT
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        Stay Grounded!                                                     5       confirm that they own the copyright to the said
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        LEGAL OPINION                                                              Ltd for publication. The editor reserves the right
        WhatsApp, a misconceived menace to society?                        6       to edit or shorten articles submitted for
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        SOUTH AFRICAN INNOVATION                                                   with due dilligence, where necessary in
        SA company develops a vertical take-off business jet               8       conjuction with the author(s).
        Delivering life sustaining oxygen efficiently                     10         No part of this publication may be
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        IOT                                                                        transmitted in any form, or by any means,
        Not so fast... this is what you should know about internet speed tests  12
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        Cummins develops Connected Solutions for construction equipment   14
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        Green and WELL building ratings still in demand                   15
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        AUTOMATION                                                                 reference to the source is shown. Requests for
        Why Profinet is a great choice for I/O networks                   16
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        5G spreads Covid-19 virus a myth                                  17
        PANEL DISCUSSION                                                           Articles published in EngineerIT do not
        Software defined testing versus traditional (hard box) instruments  18
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        Cisco highlights six tech trends for 2021 and beyond              20
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        ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE                                                    with EngineerIT.
        Augmented analytics, what does it mean for small business?        22
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        SPACE TECHNOLOGY                                                           not be liable for any consequential or other
        A new NASA space telescope to probe the universe                  23
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        AMATEUR RADIO                                                              comment, view or opinion. This applies to
        Digital transformation secures amateur radio’s future             25
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        APPOINTMENTS                                                      28
                                                                                   insert, picture, caption, etc.
                                                                                     It is acknowledged that errors in transcript,
                                                                                   human and technical errors can and do occur,
        Productivity, employee experience and serendipity: 2021 future of work predictions  29
                                                                                   but that reasonable effort will be made to
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        INDUSTRY NEWS                                                     31
                                                                                   and correct such errors when they are brought
        NEW PRODUCTS                                                      35       to the attention of EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd.
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