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                                   What will 2021 bring?

                        o, we’re in 2021. Unlike at the beginning of  normal will renew more frequently and we need to adapt
                        2020, in many editorial writings, people   faster, as we were forced to do last year.
                  Spredicted a great year. 2020 would see an          EngineerIT embraced the new normal, and we will
                  end to South Africa’s stagnation; the country would  continue to do so. Towards the end of last year, we
                  be leaving the problems of the past behind and   introduced an e-book of the magazine, a convenient way to
                  focus on going forward. We all know the scenario  page through the publication on your computer, laptop,
                  that played out, so I am not going to dwell on it.  tablet or cell phone; it’s an easy way to catch up on the
                     Remarkably, many of the commentators that     latest technology when you have a few free minutes,
                  make these predictions at the beginning of a new  wherever you may be. We now move with you all the time,
                  year have been quiet, even the prophets of doom  wherever you go.
                  have not come out in force with their prophecies for  For advertisers, the e-book offers many opportunities
                  a disastrous year. This uneasy silence can only  to link back to their website with one click, and to have
                  mean that no one wants to venture any predictions  podcasts and videos played in an instant. For readers it
                  just in case they are wrong.                     offers instant access. We still have the PDF version
                     There is a popular saying let bygones be      available and there are still the e-newsletters on Tuesdays
                  bygones. But can we? We can learn from the past,  and Thursdays to bring you up to date with what’s
                  take out the good things we did and do them even  happening in the industry. Let’s do a podcast with you and
                  better this year.                                woo your clients, and more importantly your prospective
                     What for me stands out the most is the drive  clients. It is a great way to get your message to the market
                  many people displayed in dealing with the        and for our readers, a great listen!
                  lockdown and instead of bemoaning their lot,
                  moving ahead. Within days, they were running their  Lightning speed ahead
                  companies remotely from home. Sure, it was not   Looking ahead, we are aware of the sometimes slow
                  plain sailing, but they made it work and kept    speed of access to our website and news stories. During
                  working on making it work better. The            the past few months, we have tweaked it as much as
                  communications industry outdid itself by making  possible but realised that we need to invest in better
                  more bandwidth available and upscaling its video  technology. We are currently working on redesigning our
                  conferencing platforms. Cloud that was often still  website with easier-to-read layouts and more importantly,
                  looked upon with scepticism took off at high speed.  lightning speed access. I had a peek at the beta version
                  Sure, it was a big challenge but those who       and the speed was amazing! We hope to bring this to your
                  accepted the challenge and moved ahead are very  screen soon.
                  likely to excel and propel their businesses in 2021.  Do I venture a prediction for 2021? If we build on what
                     Video conferencing, despite the tremendous    we learned last year, embrace the virtuality in which we
                  advancement in technology during the past few    must do things, we can make 2021 a great year, creating
                  years, was not taking off. It took the pandemic to  our own new normal. Drop me an email with your thoughts.
                  make us use it and we quickly learned that it was
                  not as bad as we had always believed.            Best wishes
                     Those who believe that after a few years, when
                  the vaccines have done their job and we have     Hans van de Groenendaal
                  developed large herd immunity, we will return to  Editor
                  normal with big events and face-to-face meetings  Email:
                  around the world, should think again. The new    082 781 4631

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