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           The expected coverage of the network
        will reach 13 million people currently living   DSA is the only global organisation focused on promoting spectrum sharing
        in 3,5 million dwellings in these areas.   innovation to get the most out of wireless resources. Its team is made up of
        Thirty five percent of these dwellings   worldwide technology experts, making it the shared spectrum go-to organisation
        have access to the internet using a smart   for regulators and policymakers all over the world.
        phone. The expected number of new
        subscribers is 1,7-million, including some   DSA advocates for policies that promote unlicensed and dynamic access to
        coverage in the hardest to reach, most   spectrum to unleash economic growth and innovation. Additionally, it advocates
        dispersed areas and rurally unconnected
        people of the Northern Cape.          for a variety of technologies that allow dynamic access to spectrum. Its focus is
                                              ensuring that the regulatory framework to support that diversity of technologies
        Extended feasibility study            is adopted. Some examples of its advocacy actions include:
        The initial feasibility study included a   •  5.9 GHz and 6 GHz – it advocates for more unlicensed spectrum access in
        network build as well as the development   these bands for wireless devices and the new Wi-Fi generation, Wi-Fi 6.
        of a business plan, including financing   WLAN/RLAN will carry offload from cellular 5G technologies.
        aspects to help ISPs and their investors   •  TV Space – provides long range and area coverage. It boasts great
        understand and take advantage of the     obstacle penetration in difficult terrain areas, in addition to building
        commercial opportunity. The study was
        planned for one year by the Covid-19     penetration. mmWave – unlicensed and shared use are ideal for
        pandemic, and the various stages of      mmWave spectrum because poor distance propagation and building
        lockdown required an extension.          penetration can enable massive frequency re-use.

        Multi-faceted project consortium
        WAPA, representing 250 members, as     Adaptrum is a Silicon Valley based company with TVWS equipment, engineering
        well as Microsoft and Adaptrum, are   training and installation expertise for optimal deployment of the technical part of the
        members of the Dynamic Spectrum      project.
        Alliance (DSA), a global association that   The International Data Corporation (IDC), a market research and analysis company,
        develops policy for, and mechanism in   will provide an executive paper and overall assessment of the technical and economic
        bands such as TVWS.                  aspects of the TVWS solution.
           Project Isizwe is a South African   Microsoft’s Airband team provided the underlying support on TVWS policy, project
        business. It has been operating for many   management, technical architecture capabilities and services on cloud-based CRM,
        years and has successfully managed free   billing systems, education solutions, and on the spectrum data base.
        WiFi projects.                         The initial commercial feasibility study used leased and loaned equipment from

                                                                                          Typical Spaza shop installation

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