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JUNE 2022

                                      Automation and Control | Electronics | Measurement and instrumentation | Technology and IoT

        HF radio receives new
        life in Indo-Pacific

        USB-C power delivery
        data lines demand
        enhanced protection

        The metaverse: FOMO or

        How “smart” is a smart
        contact actually?

        Strange neutron star
        spinning every 76
        seconds is discovered in
        stellar graveyard

        Amateur radio is
        reinventing itself

        Process modelling at
        the speed of light

        Autodesk launches                               Africa's largest
        “First step in your
        career” programme                               interconnected
                                                        data centre network
        How edge computing
        will boost the expansion
        of IT services                                  Our data centres are designed to ensure
                                                        maximum uptime and higher availability, keeping

                                                        your business-critical data secure and active.

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