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Estate News

              on drafting film, pastelmat or good   GENERAL /USEFUL TIPS FROM YOUR   ARE YOU WILLING TO ACCEPT
              quality archival paper.            EXPERIENCE FOR ASPIRANT ARTISTS:   COMMISSIONS? AND WHERE CAN YOU BE
                                                 •  It’s  often  said “practise  makes  perfect”  but   CONTACTED?

              WHICH OTHER ARTISTS’ WORK DO YOU    be careful not to practise and perfect bad   Most de nitely, and I can be contacted on:
              LOVE?                               habits.                           • email:
              Claude  Monet,  Gustav  Klimt,  Escher,   •  Attend workshops online and in person.  •  Instagram: coloured_pencil_by_pearl
              Bouguereau and Bonny Snowdon.      •  Try to get together with like-minded artists   •  Facebook: coloured pencil by pearl.
                                                  regularly so you can learn from, inspire and
              TIPS AND ADVICE ON WORKING IN/ THE   help each other.                 ANY OTHER INFORMATION YOU WOULD
              USE OF YOUR FAVOURITE MEDIUM:      •  Stand back to view your work often - you will   LIKE TO ADD?
              Buy  the  best  quality  coloured  pencils  you   be surprised at just how good you really are.    I teach and take commissions for book-

              can a ord; develop your own style; take   •  Rather than saying “I can’t do it”, say “I cannot   binding  and  calligraphy  (specialising  in
              advice from others (but remember it’s NOT   do it YET!”               Family  Trees) and also teach watercolour
              cast in stone); and most of all . . . have fun!                       basics where you make your own moving
                                                                                    colour wheel.

              All talented artists are invited to send me their artwork to showcase. Keep the submissions coming!  Watch
              this space every edition and celebrate each month's Fourways Gardens artist!

              Please do contact me if you would like your work showcased! Email
              or call me on 083 678 8001.

                                                      Fourways Gardens • 11 • August 2020
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