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Estate News


                                                     B Y FR ANCESC A BEA TTIE

             We are extremely proud to
             showcase the amazing work of
             one of our Fourways Gardens

             residents, also a highly
             successful professional artist.

             Our artist for August is:  Pearl de Chalain.   I am self-taught but have attended several   the USA and hope to continue doing so.
             Her work is breath-taking. Do enjoy the Q&A.  workshops in South Africa, the UK and USA.  I’d like to get more portrait commissions,
                                                                                   but things like building a website bore
             BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: WHERE/HOW/WHEN    YOUR JOURNEY IN ART: HOW DID YOU   me to tears, so I guess if I snooze, I lose!
             DID YOU START?                     DEVELOP YOUR STYLE? HOW DID IT
             I was born in Johannesburg with, as my   EVOLVE?                      WHAT INSPIRES YOU?
             Gran used to say, “a brush, pen and pencil   I love the challenge of photo-realism and   I am fascinated by birds, their freedom,
             in her hand, and a whole lot of cheek   the need to capture the essence of a subject   spunk, personality and tenacity. I love
             coming out of her mouth!” My Gran was   whether it is a bird, a plate of food, a carnival   to capture their feather movement,

             very instrumental in getting me to draw   tent or a well-loved pet. As long as it is  lled   the gloss, colour and iridescence . . .
             when I was a toddler . . . and I never   with colour,  I will tackle the subject matter   all  challenging,  and I’m  always  up for a
             stopped other than when raising a family.  with gusto.                challenge.

             Years ago, I attended watercolour classes   WHERE DO YOU EXHIBIT YOUR WORK?  WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING
             and painted a white rose. Later, I was taught   I have exhibited at the Everard Read Gallery,   ON?
             coloured pencil painting and re-did the   the British Library, and Oxo Gallery, London.   I am currently working on the fourth in a
             white rose beneath the  rst. I added gold   Mostly my work has been published in art   series of 5 roosters.

             calligraphy, entered it into an international   magazines and books.
             competition, and Fragrance of Gold earned                             WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE SUBJECTS
             a place in an exhibition in the British Library   YOUR FUTURE GOALS/WISH LIST:  AND MEDIUM(S)?
             and Oxo Gallery, London.           I currently teach in Johannesburg and   My favourite medium is coloured pencils

                                                     Fourways Gardens • 10 • August 2020
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