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Experience                                           Speed




                           on SA’s best network                     *      MTN 5G Data 75GB deals come
                                                                           with FREE 20GB Anytime Data
                                                                           (once-off, valid for 30 days)

                                                                                                      GREAT DEAL
                                                                            150GB                    UNLIMITED   **

                                                                                                        MTN 5G
                                                                              MTN 5G Data             Unlimited Data
                                                                                75GB                           **
                                                                             75GB  75GB               UNLIMITED
                                                                            ANYTIME DATA NIGHT EXPRESS  (200GB FAIR USE POLICY)
                                                                with any
                                      OR                        of these                     OR
                                                                 deals       R 599                    R 999
                                                                                PMx36                    PMx36
                                                                               2020935 CT 00003        2020935 CT 00007
                                                                               2020935 CT 00004        2020935 CT 00008
                    CONNECTS UP TO             CONNECTS UP TO
                     128 USERS                  30 USERS
                                                                             R 749                  R 1 249
                 Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2           ZTE 5G MC801A
                    Wi-Fi Router                Wi-Fi Router                    PMx24                    PMx24
                                                   E | 5
                                                d L
                                                     G E
                   Fixed LTE | 5G Enabled     F Fixed LTE | 5G Enabled d
                                                                               2020935 CT 00009        2020935 CT 00013
                                                                               2020935 CT 00010        2020935 CT 00014
               The all-new 5G technology takes connectivity to a whole new level with vastly improved features that offer you a seamless mobile
               performance. Boasting superfast and reliable upload and download speeds, you can now stream up to 10x faster than 4G or fibre.
               MTN is launching 5G across South Africa – and continues to add to its sites – starting with coverage in the following areas from
               July 2020: Johannesburg (Bryanston and Honeydew), Cape Town (Blouberg) and Bloemfontein (Universitas). New areas are rolling
               out daily. For an updated MTN coverage map, visit
               You can benefit from the remarkable features of 5G in our designated coverage areas with our latest range of 5G-ready
               smartphones and 5G-enabled routers.
               With a reliable 5G connection you can:
               • Stream the highest quality content virtually delay-free in real time compared to 4G, meaning no lagging or buffering.
               • Connect up to 64 internet-ready devices on any of our MTN 5G Data plans with better coverage than 4G.
               • Enjoy an immersive streaming, gaming and entertainment experience through virtual reality,
                  augmented reality and 3D technologies with larger capacity at high speeds.
               5G will change the way you work and play through better speeds and quality connections.
               Sign up or upgrade to one of our qualifying 5G price plans with a router
               or smartphone that is 5G ready.
               Visit an MTN store today

                                      We’re good together

                                      everywhere you go
                   BASED ON
                  UMLAUT BEST IN TEST
          TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS 925781  * Based on umlaut Best in Test Certification Feb 2020.5G Smartphones and Integrated Plans: Available from 01/07/2020 until MTN in its sole and absolute discretion elects to discontinue the service. Available to post-paid customers who sign
               up or upgrade on 5G-enabled devices and selected qualifying price plans: MTN Made For Me and MTN Sky. MTN 5G Data Price Plans: Available from 01/07/2020 until MTN in its sole and absolute discretion elects to discontinue the service.
               Customers who sign up or upgrade on 5G data price plans, will receive a split of Anytime Data and Night Express (00:01 - 04:59 only) for the capped data.The Unlimited Data plan will have a Fair Use Policy of 200GB, throttled at 1Mbps once
               the fair use has been reached and 200GB Night Express (hard cap). The price plans need to be taken out with an MTN 5G-enabled approved router or Mi-Fi device. 5G network speeds are not guaranteed and based on best effort. The 5G
               network coverage is limited and MTN’s Coverage Map can be found on to check for 5G coverage. The MTN network will seamlessly connect to a 5G network once a qualifying price plan, 5G-enabled device and 5G coverage area

               are identified. If the customer is not in a 5G coverage area, it will seamlessly drop to best quality network available (i.e. 4G/3G/2G). MTN Subscriber Contract Terms and Conditions apply. MTN 20GB Promotion:Offer valid from 01/07/2020
               – 31/07/2020. New customers who sign up or upgrade to specified price plans (My MTNChoice Flexi, My MTNChoice Data, MTN Made For Me, MTN Sky, MTN Sky VIP, or MTN Made For Home) will receive free 20GB Anytime Data, valid for 30
               days, once-off. Unused value will not carry over, and the free value will be allocated within 14 working days from date of activation. There will be no carry over on the unused free value. ight Express: Night Express data value may be used
               between 00:01 and 04:59 only. Night Express value valid for 1 month and received monthly for the duration of the contract period. For full Terms and Condition and promotions, visit E&OE.
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