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             To offer help and assistance in FWG.



                      ver the years, vehicle access   interface with humans etc.    have  the  correct  ‘pre-clearance’.  The

                      and egress into the estate has   Hardware - wave scanners vs  ngerprints,   solution has delivered on what we had
                      continued to grow in volume   faster booms, quicker more intelligent   hoped to achieve and we now need to

             Oas a result of various factors    hand-held scanners.                  gure out a way of putting technology to it.
             such as: home deliveries by grocery stores,   Ensuring vehicles without the correct pre-  •  Updating our external signage at the circle
             Takealot, Uber (foods and taxis), home   clearance don’t get to the gates, thereby   to ensure that ‘non-residents’ understand
             businesses, more family and sta  vehicles,   causing congestion, both on entry and exit.   where they need to proceed to gain access

             etc. To put this into perspective, the boom   Better signage outside our estate detailing   to the estate. This will assist in reducing
             cycle rate pre-COVID peaked at around -   the  rules that  apply  at the  various  lanes   the incoming congestion.
             for Phase 1, 60 000 and for Phase 2, 80 000   coming into our estate.

             cycles per month.  To accommodate and   Creating awareness amongst residents   This undertaking is not a once-o   x and

             improve this ever-increasing  ow of tra c   and tenants of their responsibilities to   will need to be continually worked at,

             we need to consider all possible solutions   avoid congestion; and providing reporting   as technology and trends change. I am
             and ensure that we eliminate/reduce the   thereof.                    bringing this to everyone’s attention as I
             congestion at our gates.           Switching the  current centre resident   know that you will be able to add further
                                                lane to an exit in the morning and an entry   insight, value and suggestions to this very
             COVID-19  has  significantly  reduced  the   in the afternoon.        important aspect of our community’s way
             traffic flow at the gates and has bought   New exit gate/s.           of life.
             us some time to consider and implement
             specific steps to improve the situation. As   The actions that have and are being taken   Please email  your thoughts, ideas and
             with any improvements that we make, it   to address and alleviate these issues are:  suggestions to so that I can
             costs the estate money and we need to   •  The  finalising  of  the  way  forward  with   update our strategy for the improvement of

             ensure that we start by picking the ‘low   regards to the access system which   our estate’s access and egress.
             hanging fruit’  first, which is my goal.   includes the use of wave scanners - this will
                                                 vastly improve the accuracy  of scanning   Regards,
             Some of the possible ideas put forward for   and thereby speed up the processing time
             consideration are:                  at the gate.
             Software - quicker,  no system downtime,   •  The ‘trial’ at the Phase 2 exit gate whereby  Rob Zuccollo
             new logic to gaining access and exit, no   we are  ltering out vehicles that do not   Interim Estate Manager

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