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                                                                            ASSION FOR PROPER
                                                                            ASSION FOR PROPER
                                                                          P P P P ASSION FOR PROPER            T  Y
                                                                            ASSION FOR PROPER
                                                                          PASSION FOR PROPER T Y
                                                                              Contact us on  -  011 469 4070
                                                                              Contact us on  -  011 469 4070
              • Flat Roofs • Tile Roofs • Steel Roofs  • Chromodek Gutters • Box Gutters  FRESH OPPORTUNITIES!
                • Harvey Tiles • Slate Roofs  • Galvanised Gutter • Resovoir Boxes
              • Tile Roofs • Steel Roofs• Factory Roofs  • New Skylights • Repairs • Polycarb Sheets

                                                                    UNDER OFFER

             • Rhinolite Ceilings • Bishop Strip Ceilings   • Sagging Roofs • Roof Trusses• Under Tile Insulation   SOLD BY US  SOLD BY US  UNDER OFFER
                 • Knotty Pine Ceilings  • Laminated Pine Beams • Pink Aerolite Insulation
                                                                    Demand for property has increased tremendously
                    Allen van Deventer • 21 Cilliers Str, Roodepoort
                       Tel: 011 057 7007 • 011 037  5261            over the past 3 months. This is the perfect time to
                     Cell: 083 245 5095 • Fax: 086 511 0541         take a fresh approach as a buyer and a seller. Many
                            buyers are looking for a bargain and, if you consid-
                                                                    er the low capital growth over the past few years, it
                                                                    seems impossible that sellers can drop any further
                                                                    but, sellers are settling for less and moving on. If
                                                                    your family needs have changed, this is a perfect
                                                                    time to make the change. Interest rates are the
                                                                    lowest they have been in 50 years driving demand
                                                                    and the prices are very appealing. Sellers that have
                                                                    held properties for many years as rental homes
                                                                    should consider listing their properties for sale, as
                                                                    the rental market has declined quite significantly.
                                                                    As an investor you have had years of good rental
                                                                    income, this could be the ideal time to offload. Call
                                                                    us to assist you whether renting, selling, or buying.

                                                                       ale R5.600 M
                                                                    F For Sale R5.600 Million  For Sale R5.250 Million
                                                                     or S
                                                                                                  ale R5.250 M
                                                                                                or S
                                                                           Gaye            CHLOË            Sue
                                                                        083 601 1593    082 501 8800    082 452 0086
                                                                           Sales Agent    Candidate Agent  Rentals Agent
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