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Estate News

                      Farewell from At van Niekerk

              have reached the final stretch of   And then, a very special thanks to the
              my eleven-year career at Irene   office staff. We were colleagues, at times
           I arm Villages.                   under pressure to deliver and perform,
             Along the way, there were times when   but we were also a great family.  We
           it seemed like a daunting task with many   shared great challenges over the years.
           challenges. In my own mind, I do believe   With your support, and as a team, we
           that I somehow managed to live up to   managed to steer the ship through
           those challenges.                 stormy waters, especially during 2021.
             Many goals were achieved with the   I am proud of you and what you have
           support of you all.               achieved as a team.
             I would like to thank the many   The service providers of Irene Farm       At van Niekerk
           Boards of Directors under whom I   Villages, over the many years, played
           served,  especially  for your  guidance   an important role in the broader
           and support in making my task easier.   management of the estate. Hence, a   A special message from
           A special thanks to the Chairpersons   word of thanks to Bidvest Protea Coin,   my wife, Lynette:
           under whom I had the privilege to serve.   Accountability, Garden Creations, NEC
                                                                              “I have encouraged
           The Irene Farm Villages residents, as a   XON, PC Care, Genpower, Kinetix, Now
                                                                              At to share his daily
           community, can be proud of you.   Media, Estates In Africa Publishers and
                                                                              experiences with me. In
             On the whole, the Irene Farm Villages   TimeTec, who served with me and, who,
                                                                              this way I became part
           community played a positive role in   on many occasions, were willing to walk
                                                                              of his passion, sharing
           my career as the Estate Manager. It is a   the extra mile for Irene Farm Villages.
                                                                              his commitments and
           community that understood the need   I want to thank Lynette, my wife, for
                                                                              short- and long-term
           for, and role of estate management.   her support and unselfishness towards
                                                                              goals. Even our children
           They gave constructive criticism,   my career as the Estate Manager. In
                                                                              and grandchildren shared
           and their involvement on many     many ways, she made it easy for me.
                                                                              many memorable moments.
           levels  and a  sense for a harmonious   Looking back at my career as the
                                                                              I thank everyone’s kind
           neighbourhood has paved the way to   Estate Manager at Irene Farm Villages,
                                                                              words of thanks and
           the establishment of one of the most   I realise how blessed I was with good
                                                                              appreciation towards
           sought  after  estates  in  Gauteng.  You,   health, and stand humble before the
                                                                              At. We now enter a new
           as a community, all have the right to   Lord, my Saviour.
                                                                              phase of our lives and
           be proud of yourselves. I would like to   I wish that the Irene Farm Villages as a
                                                                              will always look back
           thank every resident of this great estate   community will prosper in the years to
                                                                              on this time with fond
           for the personal role that you played in   come.
           my life. I will cherish it.        God bless.
                                              At van Niekerk
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