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Estate News

            Dear Residents

                      e have now moved back                                      As it is now officially holiday season,
                      to the South Gate. We are                                we kindly request that residents are
            Wall still finding our feet in                                     considerate when having friends over.
            the new building and as you all well                                 Some rules of the estate to remember
            know, trying to find the best place for                            during this time of the year:
            everything.                                                        - No fireworks may be set off in the
              The Security Officers are situated on                            estate  –  let  us  all  have  quiet  Festive
            the first floor at the South Gate. They                            Season celebrations.
            have a parade room, kitchen, and men’s                             - No parking in the parks.
            and ladies’ bathrooms.  There is a safe                              Should you go away during this time,
            room where all the equipment, radios,      Anna-Mart Steyn         please ensure that your pets are cared
            torches, body cameras and scanners are                             for.
            stored and charged.
              We, as staff, want to thank all of you,   with a white belly that is separated
            as  residents,  for  your  patience  during   from the breast by a narrow black line.
            the construction of the gates, especially   Its black crown is encircled by a white
            during the five months from June till   ring.   They are found where the grass is
            October when the office was located at   short, such as dry grasslands. They eat a
            the North Gate. Your patience with the   wide variety of insects, but mostly ants.
            Security Officers when some of the lanes   One curious feeding habit has been
            were closed was  greatly appreciated.   called foot paddling or foot trembling.
            They were challenging times for both   The plover stamps the ground with
            you as residents and us as staff.    its foot.  Worms mistake the noise for
              While travelling through the estate,   the pattering of rain and burrow up to
            I have many times come across pairs   the surface where they are caught and
            of Crowned Plovers. Once, wanting to   eaten by the plover.
            take a picture of a baby plover, I was   Enjoy them when you walk past them
            chased away by the aerial swooping of   in the estate.
            the parents.  Their recognisable, high-
            pitched vocals with a rasping erEEK, an
            excited  kree-kree-kreeip-kreeip,  or  a
            chattering tri-tri-tri-tri, are all part of the   On a more serious note regarding safety: As hostage taking
            protection of their little one.        seems to be increasing in our country, it is recommended that you
              The  female  Crowned  Plover  is     inform your children of the importance of being aware of their
            identical to the male.  The adults are   surroundings and to not get into any vehicle with people who are
            uniformly brown on the back and chest,   not known to them and you, as parents.
                                                     During this holiday period, even while playing around in the
                                                   estate, it is vital that they keep you, as parents, informed about
                                                   their whereabouts.
                                                     Our  Security Survey was completed by 60  percent  of the
                                                   residents. The Security sub-committee would like to express their
                                                   thanks to every resident who took the time to complete the survey.
                                                   The information obtained from the survey is vital for the planning
                                                   and management of the security at the estate. Feedback regarding
                                                   the details gleaned during the survey will be given in due course.
                                                     We want to remind you, as residents, to please contact the
                                                   Security Manager on 082 838 7779, should you see or suspect any
                                                   activity of concern. The Security Manager will then investigate the

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