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Estate News

           Dear Residents

           In a time of despondency in South                                    The  construction  of  the  South
           Africa, where  every  household will                               Gatehouse  is  progressing  well.
           have its own story of a beloved family                             The building contractor, Lexkon,
           member or friend who succumbed to                                  is committed  to  completing the
           the  ravages  of  the  COVID  pandemic,                            construction  by  the  end  of  October.
           there is hope. Upon the request                                    Our big challenge  then will  be to
           by the community of Irene Farm                                     relocate back into the new building.
           Villages, the Board of Directors                                   Residents are reminded that the South
           embraced the yellow ribbon initiative       At van Niekerk         Gate is a construction site, hence, no
           of  ‘HOPE’.  Yellow resembles hope.                                one is allowed onto the site without the
                                                                              permission  of the  contractor.  There’s
                                             Once a year, we find the opportunity   one entry and one exit lane open
                                             to pay tribute to the women of this   at the South Gate, which are closed
                                             great nation, which we would like to   from 20h00 till 05h00 daily. The South
                                             share with all our readers on 9 August.   Gate is closed for visitors, contractors,
                                             The day will also be made special by   deliveries,  etc.  The  North  Gate  must
                                             Jonathan Koen of Superior Realty, who   be used in the interim. The North Gate
                                             has a surprise for the women of Irene   will  accommodate  all  the  visitors  and
                                             Farm Villages.
                                                                              remains functional 24/7.  The gates
                                                                              are closed from 22h00 till 05h00 for
                                                                              security purposes, but the Security is
                                                                              on duty at the North Gate to assist any
                                                                              late arrivals or for emergencies.

           Our community has been invited to
           take part in  this  initiative by  tying
           yellow ribbons or yellow cloth around
           the tree(s) at your houses.  They will
           be trees of hope, which is the only
           emotion stronger than fear.
             History tells us the story that, over
           the past centuries, the women of South
           Africa played a prominent role in shaping
           our country by displaying courage,                                   The water management plan is in
           insight, strength, willpower, and love.                            progress. During the water yield testing
                                                                              phase, the mono pump that was lowered
                                                                              into the pilot borehole to extract the
                                                                              water to the surface got stuck to such
                                                                              an extent that the assistance of another

                                                                                Borehole site

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