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Estate News

             The veld areas within the Irene   especially when they are walking in   notice anyone allowing his or her dog
           Farm  Villages, especially between   these  open  veld  areas,  where  they   to run off-leash, please take a photo
           Phases one, two and three, are home   arguably would say to themselves, “no   or video of the incident and share
           to several small species of wildlife,   one is seeing me, so why not let my   that with the Estate Management – all
           for example guinea fowl, mongoose,   dog run loose?” In doing so, some of   reports will be handled confidentially.
           hare, steenbok, duiker, tortoise,   the small animals have been killed by   This plea is not only for the welfare of
           and hedgehog.  These small animals   the dogs. From time to time, we find a   the small animals living amongst us,
           have been successfully protected   carcass in the veld, where it is evident   but for the enjoyment of them by all of
           since the establishment of the Irene   that the animal was mauled. Dogs are   us, and for the enjoyment of the next
           Farm  Villages in 2000, mainly by the   not permitted to run loose at all. If there   generation in the future. We can do it.
           residents of the estate, who took   is a need to let your dog run loose, it   If you come across small animals in the
           ownership of these animals. However,   is recommended that you join a dog   veld, do take the time to take photos
           lately, there is a tendency of some   school. We appeal to all the residents   and share them with us on the HOA
           residents to let their dogs run loose,   to abide by the rules of the HOA. If you   Facebook page.

                                                                                   Concealed fire hydrant

                                                                                   All the fire hydrants in the estate
                                                                                  that  required  maintenance  have
                                                                                  been painted yellow. The hydrants
                                                                                  are the property of the  Tshwane
                                                                                  Municipality. We request residents,
                                                                                  who have a fire hydrant on their
                                                                                  property (in their garden), to make
                                                                                  sure  that  the  flowers  and  shrubs
                                                                                  around the hydrant are at all times
                                                                                  cut back well, to make the hydrant
                                                                                  easily visible for the fire brigade in
                                                                                  the event of a fire.
                                                                                  “Rather follow the

                                                                                  footsteps of a wise

                                                                                  man, than that of a


                                                                                   - Unknown author.

                                                                                  Warm regards,
                                                                                  Estate Management.

                                                                                    The Villager  •   Issue 8  2021  •   7
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