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        Could the private sector stop the load shedding?                   1      Copyright of all material appearing in energize
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        Simultaneous voltage and current measurements without metallic contact   4
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        Local distributor expands product range with new agency            4      (Pty) Ltd for publication. The editor  reserves
        Powerships to help provide SA with power                           5      the right to edit or shorten articles submitted
        Dewatering pumps for industry                                      6      for  publication. Editing and/or shortening is
        Chosen to be part of the #1000 solutions that can change the world!   6   done with due dilligence,  where necessary in
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        Diesel generators in the data centre – when is bigger better?      7
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        Red Rocket’s first hydro-electric power project achieves commercial operations    8  reproduced, or stored in a  retrieval system,
        Smart light-poles ready to go                                      9      or transmitted in any form, or by any means,
        On-campus solar project provides an alternative energy option      9      except  as described below, without the written
        Energy storage: a key piece of the puzzle in South Africa’s energy transition   10  permission of EIA Publishing  (Pty) Ltd. Copying
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        Authentically empowered for growth                                 11
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        Rope access employed for shopping mall winch                       12     South African law.  Permission is not required
        Making maintenance proactive instead of reactive                   12     to make abstracts, on condition that a full
        Improving efficiency and product quality at bulk materials handling facility   14  reference to the source is shown. Requests for
        Company’s supplementary lessons helps Orange Farm learner to ace matric   15  permission for other  kinds of copying should be
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        Surge protection considerations during elevator modernisation      16
        Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in the renewable energy sector   17  Disclaimer
        Wind energy industry celebrates new bid window for renewable energy procurement   18  Articles published in energize do not
        Hybrid facility selected as preferred bidder in the risk mitigation programme   19  necessarily reflect the views of  EIA Publishing
        Maintaining backup battery systems for maximum usage and reliability   20  (Pty) Ltd or the editor. In addition, views
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        Stationary battery market boosted by VW order                      21
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        Power developments in Africa                                       22     with energize.
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        VIEWS AND OPINION                                                         energize that EIA  Publishing (Pty) Ltd shall
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        Using demand-side management to insulate against rising energy costs   23
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        Ethical investing has finally arrived                              24     faith of any  article, advertisement, picture,
        Gas in South Africa: How viable is it?                             26     comment, view or opinion. This  applies to
        If Africa is to meet its digital potential, the focus must be on data centres   28  publishing, failing to publish, late publishing or
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                                                                                     It is acknowledged that errors in transcript,
        Bulk storage of electrical energy in “grid edge” applications      29
                                                                                  human and technical  errors can and do occur,
        DEHN protects wind and PV installations                            33     but that reasonable effort will be made to
        Design modifications at Medupi and Kusile: progress and problems   34     minimise their occurence, and to acknowledge
        Flexible PV systems provide support services for future grids      36     and correct such errors  when they are brought
        Stable grids in a greener world                                    39     to the attention of EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd.

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