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        Simultaneous voltage and current

        measurements without metallic contact

            luke’s T6 instrument with FieldSense technology enables AC current, AC voltage and
            frequency measurements to be made on one device at the same time, in real-time without
       Fthe need for electrical contact. The T6 is the first handheld test tool using this new patent-
        pending technology.

        Safer way to test voltage
        FieldSense technology eliminates the need for metal-to-metal contact with test leads or alligator
        clips, offering a superior level of operator safety. FieldSense takes a measurement of voltage
        without voltage flowing through the meter. Instead, the Fluke instrument senses an electrical field
        in the open fork to make the measurement.

        How FieldSense works
        FieldSense technology is truly a breakthrough in how voltage is measured. While the technology
        in the T5 detects a magnetic field to derive an AC current measurement, the new technology
        detects an electrical field. Fluke Research and Development teams first developed the open-fork
        voltage sensing technology, which involves transducing and calculating a known signal to derive
        measurements for the source voltage.                                      applications include measurement of loads
           This was done by designing the device to generate a reference signal of known amplitude and   on a branch circuit at a service panel,
        frequency. Then, when grounded, the resulting composite waveform is detected by an electronic   measurement of the load side voltage of a
        sensor built into the tester. After amplification, processing and digital calculations, voltage and   circuit breaker or fuse and the mapping
        frequency measurements are derived.                                       outlets to breakers. Industrial applications
           For the first time in a Fluke meter, voltage and current can be measured and displayed at the   include checking circuit loading at panel
        same time.                                                                boards (including feeder cables, branch
           There’s a vast difference between FieldSense measurement technology and the variety of   circuits, and neutrals) and the integrity of
        voltage detectors on the market. Those voltage detectors range from pen style devices that   a grounding circuit, and the feed circuits
        light up when voltage is present to clamp meters that beep or vibrate when a voltage signal is   coming into motors (up to 200 A).    n
        present. The distinction is that a voltage detector generally shows users that voltage is simply
        present, whereas the FieldSense technology allows for actual, accurate voltage measurement.  Contact Comtest, Tel 010 595-1821,
           The T6 finds application in both residential and industrial applications. Residential

        Local distributor expands product range with new agency

             omtest, a local distributor of test and measurement   customers need to accelerate and secure their digital transformation.
             instrumentation to industry, has announced that it now   The company’s approach transforms the way organisations plan,
       Crepresents Netscout Systems, assuring digital business services   deliver, integrate, test, and deploy services and applications.
        against disruptions in availability, performance, and security. The
        company’s market and technology leadership stems from combining   There are three offerings:
        patented smart data technology with smart analytics, and is deployed   •   Test Optimisation is the company’s test and measurement business
        across all market verticals including telecommunications, enterprise,   unit and provides support for today’s high-performance test labs
        military, and healthcare.                                 in their demand for agile test lab automation and infrastructure
           Netscout provides real-time, pervasive visibility, and insights   management, support for all types of media and network testing
                                                                  including functional testing, load testing, regression testing,
                                                                  conformance testing, and production network testing.
                                                               •   nGenius service assurance solutions provide real-time, contextual
                                                                  analysis of service, network, and application performance.
                                                               •   Arbor security solutions protect against DDoS (attacks which
                                                                  threaten availability and advanced threats which infiltrate
                                                                  networks to steal critical business assets).

                                                               Contact Comtest, Tel 010 595-1821,    n

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