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        Dewatering pumps for industry

             tlas Copco’s rugged PAS dry self-priming and PAC H high head
             dewatering surface pumps feature smart design, cutting-edge
        Atechnology, quality components and advanced manufacturing
        to deliver best-in-class pumping solutions. The PAS range of fully
        automatic dry self-priming centrifugal open-frame pumps serves as   The company’s PAC H high-head pumps combine performance
        a prime example of Atlas Copco’s commitment to developing smaller,   and efficiency in one smart package. Featuring a maximum head
        lighter products that are easy to use, easy to move and easy to   size of 150 m, a maximum flow of up to 1200 m3/h and a solids-
        maintain. Also available in a canopy version, the PAS range comprises   handling capability of up to 89 mm, the PAC H series is particularly
        four high flow (HF) and five medium flow (MF) models delivering a   suited to industrial applications such as water transfer and will
        maximum flow capacity of 2100 m3/h, with a maximum head of 75 m   benefit industries such as oil & gas, quarrying, surface mining and
        and an outlet size of 100 to 300 mm.                   construction as well as the municipal sector.
           These fit-for-purpose diesel pump systems are equipped with   Simplified serviceability is at the heart of the design of the PAS and
        several features which render them ideal for mining applications.   PAC H pump series. If performed regularly by trained technicians using
        Able to work with clean or dirty water and handling trash and   OEM parts, service will improve pump reliability, prolong life cycle,
        fibrous materials with ease, these pumps can pump, raise, and   maximise uptime and reduce maintenance costs, all factors that are
        transport liquids with solids of up to 100 mm in suspension over   fundamental to operational efficiency, ultimately adding to the end-
        long distances without the risk of clogging. This solids-handling   user’s bottom line.
        capability is due to the inclusion of a centrifugal pump with a semi-  The hinge kit available on the PAS range simplifies and speeds
        open impeller and an abrasion-resistant pump casting. The robust   up pump maintenance. The pump is fitted with a hinged cover which
        PAS pumps’ dry prime capabilities enable the user to start pumping   provides quick and easy access to components, enabling a three-
        immediately with a simple flip of the switch, ensuring reliable   minute clean-up and restart.  The service and maintenance process on
        operation in stringent conditions where start-up can often present   the PAC H pumps is facilitated, as wear components can be serviced or
        a challenge. The pump system’s high-capacity diaphragm pump   replaced without the need to dismantle the pump.    n
        makes automatic priming possible; the air in the pump is separated
        from the liquid by the large SuperDuo separator which is then   Contact David Stanford, Atlas Copco Power Technique, Tel 011 821-9800,
        sucked by the vacuum pump.                   

        Chosen to be part of the #1000 solutions that can change the world!

          meon Energy has been selected among the 1000 solutions of   and storage with hybrid technology.
          the international Solar Impulse label as an “Efficient solution”,   The awarding of this label is a recognition of the work done by
       Iwith the aim of highlighting sustainable and environmentally   the company’s research and development teams for its solar inverter
        friendly solutions.                                    technology and the integrated operating system “OS.ONE” as a direct
           The French company, which is regarded a leader in hybrid solar   contribution to environmental protection.
        inverters, says it takes very seriously the main challenges of the 21st   This label is awarded to solutions which have undergone a strict
        century: global warming and the limitation of natural resources.   evaluation by independent external experts.
        The main problem of renewable energies being the impossibility
        of producing in a constant way, the company’s solutions integrate   The solutions developed by Imeon Energy:
        artificial intelligence which optimizes the management of energy flows   •   Contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions
                                                               •   Integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning
                                                               •   Allow access to energy anywhere in the world
                                                               •   Are approved by the experts of the Solar Impulse Foundation
                                                               •   Are globally recognized for their reliability

                                                               About SOLAR IMPULSE
                                                               The Solar Impulse Foundation was created by Bertrand Piccard in 2016,
                                                               following his first round-the-world flight using 100% solar energy. The
                                                               foundation aims to promote clean and efficient solutions that have
                                                               obtained the internationally recognized “Efficient solution” label. The
                                                               goal of the #1000 Solutions challenge is to accelerate the transition to a
                                                               sustainable carbon-neutral economy.    n

                                                               Contact Imeon Energy,

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