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MARCH 2021

                                      Automation and Control | Electronics | Measurement and instrumentation | Technology and IoT

                                          HYPERSCALE DATA CENTRE

        TV White Spaces to               EKURHULENI   JB4
        bring affordable internet
        to rural communities

        CSIR  unveils world
        class Photonics
        prototyping facility                 COMING Q1 2022

        The science of
        accurate time

        New ICT tool to fight
        police corruption

        NASA Ingenuity Mars
        helicopter prepares for

        first flight

        Digital transformation
        – 79% of SA companies
        are fast tracking

        Africa is coming of

        age, but multinationals
        must adjust
                                              QUICK FACTS                         PHASE 1          COMPLETED
                                                                                                   x16 1,000sqm Halls
                                                                              x8 1,000sqm Halls
        3D Printing – a genuine              Largest Single-Site  Data   19MW Critical PowerLoad  38MW Critical Power Load
                                             Centre in Africa
        challenge to IP
                                             80MW 50,000 SQM         2022                                PHASE 2
                                             POWER   BUILDING        BREAK GROUND                      COMPLETION

        ISSN 1991-5047                    The world connects here.
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