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Estate News

            low  volume  collected  for  September,   Road safety?  We still see children
            there was a significantly higher collection   on pedal cycles, who are not wearing
            volume  of  9  420kg  for  October.  Let’s   cycling  helmets.  The  National  Road
            continue with our recycling efforts and   Traffic  Act,  Regulation  207(2),
            remember that the Remade Recycling   prescribes that “…no person shall ride
            Company will be collecting over the   or be a passenger on a pedal cycle on a
            Festive Season.                   public road unless he or she is wearing
                                              a  protective  helmet,  which  fits  him  or
                                              her  properly  and  of which  the  chin
                                              straps are properly fastened under the
                                              chin.” Residents of Irene Farm Villages   The Estate Office will communicate
                                              are reminded that all the streets in the   with residents the expected time of
                                              estate are public roads according the   arrival of Santa Claus.
                                              Act. We appeal to all parents to ensure   Residents are reminded of the
                                              that their children wear helmets.   following:
                                              (A helmet could also be a nice present!).  • All household workers must be re-
                                               The  Annual  General Meeting  (AGM)   registered for 2021 before 31 January
                                              was postponed, to be held later this   2021. If a worker is not registered
                                              year, due to the COVID-19 lockdown.   by this date, the worker’s biometric
                                              The decisions and resolutions passed   access will be suspended, pending
                                              at the AGM will be shared with the   the re-registration. A registration fee
                                              residents via the GloVisitor newsfeed.    of R50 per worker per household must
                                               Santa Claus will be visiting the estate   be paid.
                                              on Saturday, 5 December during the   • Annual  donations  for  the  Security
                                              morning and early afternoon. All   and Garden Service staff are welcome
                                              presents must be submitted to the   and must be paid by 18 December
                                              Estate Office by Thursday, 3 December.   2020.  Payments  can  be  made  at  the

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