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Chess by

                                               d.  The Art of Attack in Chess by   move d4, there was considerable divided
                                                 Vladimir Vukovic
                  Chess during the            3. End game                      opinion and dispute on the merits of the
                                                                               move among past world champions and
                    Festive Season             a.  A Guide to Chess Endings by Max   grand masters. Bobby Fischer immediately
                                                                               said it was not the best move as the only
                                                 Euwe and David Hooper
                                                                               correct move in the opening was e4. Darth
                                              Books by Fred Reinfeld, although dated and   Vader’s reply of d5 was met with a good
                  hristmas time is a time for giving.   old, are the best for beginners and ordinary   deal of  criticism. “Why  on  earth  doesn’t
                  There are many different types of   club players.            he play Nf6?” yelled Tal, “This would give
            Cchess gifts that can be given to                                  him the chance to play the Nimzo Indian
            one’s family members and friends who   ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT        or King Indian’s defence, which are far
            are chess players. Let us consider a few   1. Chess clocks and computers  more attacking defences.” Capablanca
            for different members of the family.  2. Chess CDs and DVDs.       and Botvinnik, strategic players of note,
                                               There is a good deal of quality   however disagreed with Tal and said the
              CHESS SETS AND BOARDS: These can   chess equipment and resources that   move was perfectly sound on strategic
            range from expensive, exquisite hard-  can  be  purchased  from  the  House  of   considerations. The game proceeded with
            carved chess sets costing over R10 000,   Chess:  /  a great deal of discussion and derision
            to an ordinary, wooden Staunton chess   079 106 0106.              about the play of both contestants until
            set which can cost between R600 and                                the following position was reached.
            R1 000.  Wooden boards using different   A FESTIVE SEASON STORY      Fu Manchu at this point decided to
            types  of  wood  for black  and  white   Fu Manchu (a devious fictional villain)   sacrifice his bishop on d3 on h7. Alekhine
            squares can be purchased at chess shops.   and Darth Vader (of Star Wars fame) met   and  Tal roared their approval at this
              Making a chess board can be a lovely   in chess heaven, the exact part of which   offer of this Greek Gift. Lasker, the great
            Festive Season activity. I once made a   was rigged up as a chess tournament   defender, and  Wilhelm Steinitz agreed
            board out of different coloured pieces   venue where a match between them was   that Darth Vader was lost and there was
            of plastic which I attached to piece of   about to take place. After a good deal of   no defence against the sacrifice. Not even
            hardboard.  Another  fantastic  activity  is   argument, it was decided that Fu Manchu   all the electronic gadgets of the future
            to use moulds for making chess pieces   would play white and Darth Vader would   could save Darth Vader.   (Problem: Can
            and then painting the finished products.  play black. The atmosphere was electric   you work out why black is lost?)
                                              and onlooking kibitzers (meddlesome   Fu Manchu decided to give his
            CHESS BOOKS                       onlookers) screamed at the top of their   moribund opponent a special Festive
              There  are  many  chess  books  on  the   voices, giving both contestants advice on   Season gift, and surprisingly offered Darth
            market. For beginners and ordinary club   how to play. At the stroke of lightening,   a draw, which was accepted with alacrity.
            players who wish to improve their chess   they began to play and the onlookers   This classical bishop sacrifice is known
            ability, I would recommend the following   became deadly silent.   as the  Greek  Gift or the  Trojan  Horse
            books.                             Immediately after Fu Manchu’s first   Sacrifice among chess players.
            1. Openings and general play
              a.  The Ideas behind the chess
                openings by Reuben Fine
              b.  Logical Chess - Move by Move by
                Irving Chernev
              c.  Winning Chess Openings by Fred
            2. Middle game
              a.  Winning Chess by Irving Chernev
                and Fred Reinfeld
              b.  Think  Like  a  Grandmaster by
                Alexander Kotov
              c.  The Art of Checkmate by Renaud &

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