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Estate News

            Estate Office or via EFT into the HOA’s                           Copies of all the building plans of each
            account.  We will share the account                               property in the estate are kept at the
            number with  residents  via  the                                  office and are electronically available.
            newsfeed.                                                           The year 2020 was indeed a year
           • Residents  who  encounter  poor                                  to  adapt  to  a  different  lifestyle.  This
            Vodacom  fibre-to-the-home (FTTH)                                 affected not only our activities at home,
            reception, must log a call to the                                 but also at school or university, in the
            Vodacom call centre at 082 1904 and                               workplace, and on the sports fields. It
            forward the reference number to                                   even affected the way we socialised.
   The                                There were many challenges for most
            logged calls will then be shared with                             of us, but at the end of the day, we
            Vodacom, who will perform a fault-                                are all better humans, who faced
            finding test.                                                     the challenges and made life better.
           • The Aesthetic Sub Committee (ASC)                                Looking forward to 2021, we wish that
            reviewed the last plans for this year                             each resident, young and old, will have
            on 2 December 2020. They will meet                                a prosperous 2021.
            again on 20 January 2021.                                           As a thought for 2021, I would like to
           • The COVID-19 lockdown regulations                                share the words of JESSE OWENS with
            still apply and all visitors to the Estate                        you:
            Office must sign in and sanitise before                           “We all have dreams.
            entering the office.              Due to the severe winter of 2020,
             The  upgrading  of   the  two   about ninety of the young trees that  But in order to make
           gatehouses, which is part of the   were planted died.  These trees were   dreams come into
           Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP),   replaced with indigenous trees that
           is scheduled to start early in 2021. The   were supplied by the Random Harvest  reality, it takes an awful
           preliminary plan is to start with the   Nursery in Honeydew, which specialises   lot of determination,
           construction work at the North gate as   in indigenous trees. Residents are
           a separate project – this will continue   reminded to plant indigenous trees,  dedication, self-
           for about three months. Once the North   whenever you consider planting a tree.  discipline, and effort.”
           gate construction is completed, the   Building plans play a very important
           construction work at the main gate will   role as part of your property, with
           start – this will take approximately six   specific reference to the size, which is   Best regards
           months to complete. During this time,   commonly referred to as the coverage   From the Estate
           some of the access lanes will be closed.   of your house, when insuring your   Management
           Please understand that this will cause   property, and also as a requirement
           unavoidable disruptions to the normal   by  the  financial  institutions,  when
           traffic flow in and out of the estate.   applying for a bond. Hence, it is the
           Residents will be kept updated on the   responsibility of the home owner to
           lane closures and the progress with the   ensure that the building plans tally
           construction work. It will be advisable   with the structure on the property and
           to leave home earlier than usual, about   that the plans are approved by the
           15 minutes. During the construction   Home Owners Association, as well as
           work at the main gate, the Estate Office   the Municipality. Home owners must
           and the Security control room will be   ensure that all additions or alterations
           relocated to temporary housing units.  are indicated on their building plans.

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