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        FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK                                                    Copyright
        Another policy doomed to failure                                   1      Copyright of all material appearing in EngineerIT
                                                                                  is vested in EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd. In
        TECHNOLOGY                                                                submitting any article for publication, the authors
        Tech the great enabler                                             4      confirm that they own the copyright to the
                                                                                  said article, which is ceded to EIA Publishing
        INDUSTRY NEWS                                                             (Pty) Ltd for publication. The editor reserves
        The IITPSA/ EngineerIT Distinguished Service in ICT 2020 award     5      the right to edit or shorten articles submitted
                                                                                  for publication. Editing and/or shortening is
        ICT                                                                       done with due dilligence, where necessary in
        Providing a better employee experience                             6      conjuction with the author(s).
        Containerisation is key for businesses needing to do more with less   8      No part of this publication may be
                                                                                  reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system,
        MEASUREMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION                                           or transmitted in any form, or by any means,
        Keeping our bridges standing                                       9      except as described below, without the written
        Cable locator for failsafe cable fault diagnostics                 10
                                                                                  permission of EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd. Copying
                                                                                  of articles is not permitted except for personal
        ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE                                                   and internal use, to the extent permitted by
        Siemens and Google Cloud to cooperate on AI-based solutions in manufacturing   12
                                                                                  South African law. Permission is not required
                                                                                  to make abstracts, on condition that a full
        Four trends set to shape construction in 2021                      13     reference to the source is shown. Requests for
                                                                                  permission for other kinds of copying should be
                                                                                  addressed to EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd.
        Five ways the IEEE Standards will advance industry 4.0             15
        ELECTRONICS                                                               Articles published in EngineerIT do not
        How to choose the right protection for your circuit                17     necessarily reflect the views of EIA Publishing
                                                                                  (Pty) Ltd or the editor. In addition, views
        LEGAL OPINION                                                             expressed by the editor do not necessarily
        Over-extension of Extended Producer Responsibility?                22     reflect the views of EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd or
                                                                                  any other person or organisation associated
        CYBER SECURITY                                                            with EngineerIT.
        When will we get rid of passwords?                                 24        It is a condition of publishing material in
                                                                                  EngineerIT that EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd shall
        APPOINTMENTS                                                       25     not be liable for any consequential or other
                                                                                  damages arising from the publication in good
        ADVERTORIAL                                                               faith of any article, advertisement, picture,
        How Fujikura developed Arc Fusion Splicing Machines with PAS       26     comment, view or opinion. This applies to
                                                                                  publishing, failing to publish, late publishing or
        SPACE SCIENCES                                                            incorrectly publishing any article, advertisement,
        Ultra-sensitive radio images reveal thousands of star-forming galaxies in early Universe  28   insert, picture, caption, etc.
                                                                                     It is acknowledged that errors in transcript,
        AMATEUR RADIO                                                             human and technical errors can and do occur,
        The changing face of Amateur Radio                                 30     but that reasonable effort will be made to
                                                                                  minimise their occurence, and to acknowledge
        NEW PRODUCTS                                                       31     and correct such errors when they are brought
                                                                                  to the attention of EIA Publishing (Pty) Ltd.
        INDUSTRY AND INNOVATION                                            33

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