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        Meet business demands faster                                              Wrike’s feature-rich platform puts teams
        Agility and speed are essential ingredients for companies to rapidly innovate and adapt.   in control of their digital workflows,
        By providing the right technology platform, IT can become an enabler for the business.   enabling them to focus on the most
        Together, Citrix Workspace and Wrike provide a unique platform for managing all   important work, maximise potential and
        aspects of work.                                                          accelerate business growth.
           With Citrix Workspace, both business and IT are enabled to build applications and   ServiceNow is making the world
        integrations that can streamline business processes.                      of work function better for people with
           With Wrike, IT organisations are better equipped to manage their strategic   modern digital workflows. Its cloud-
        processes, resources, budgeting and project risks and can organise and manage   based platform and solutions deliver
        requests into projects or portfolios, visualise workload and project resource planning, run   digital workflows that create great
        strategic projects, operations and sprints and compare projects and portfolios.  experiences and unlock productivity
                                                                                  for employees and the enterprise.
        Collaborate freely                                                        ServiceNow believes in the power of
        When integrated with popular IT solutions like ServiceNow and Jira to increase   technology to reduce the complexity
        visibility into technical deliverables, Wrike and Citrix Workspace together provide a   in jobs.
        unique platform to accelerate the digital transformation of IT and enable better cross-  Jira Software is built for every
        departmental collaboration, while standardising key IT workflows.         member of a software team to plan,
           Wrike and Citrix can help IT meet business demands faster and bridge physical and   track and release great software.
        digital worlds for a better, more efficient experience across all areas of the business.   Use an out-of-the-box workflow or
        With Citrix Workspace, organisations can unify workflows across all apps and provide   create one to match the way the team
        consolidated, secure, and reliable access to all the resources employees need to   works. Jira’s customisable workflows,
        perform at their best.                                                    easy collaboration platforms and
                                                                                  visibility are helping teams across HR,
        Integrations                                                              marketing, manufacturing, operations
        Wrike is the most versatile work management platform for the enterprise. It can be   and IT to deliver companies’ DevOps
        easily configured for any team and any use case to transform how work gets done.   objectives.        n

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