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        The IITPSA/ EngineerIT Distinguished

        Service in ICT 2020 award

             rofessor Andre Calitz, distinguished professor, Department of Computing Sciences
             at Nelson Mandela University, was presented with the IITPSA/ EngineerIT
       PDistinguished Service in ICT 2020 award at a virtual IITPSA event held on 15 April
        2021.   The 2020 award function was postponed last year and presented this year virtually
        for the first time.
           Prof. Calitz is a long-standing member of IITPSA, having joined the then-Computer
        Society on 17 May 1982. He is both a fellow and professional member of the institute.
           He was instrumental in revitalising the Eastern Cape chapter a few years ago and
        served as the chapter committee chairperson for a number of years. Under his watch,
        the Eastern Cape chapter committee re-introduced annual awards in its province, and
        currently it is the only IITPSA chapter to host such regional awards.
           He is a highly accomplished and respected academic and researcher, having
        published hundreds of peer reviewed articles and papers, and mentored and supervised
        dozens of post graduate students. He holds two doctoral degrees (Doctor of Philosophy
        and Doctor of Business Administration) and is Professor of Computer Science at the
        Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth.
           In February 2021, in recognition of his outstanding contribution, dedication and
        expertise in his field and the quality of his contributions in teaching and learning or
        academic engagement, he was one of five professors to be appointed as a “Distinguished   arrival of a new normal, both in 2020 and
        Professor” at NMU.                                                        continuing into 2021. Unfortunately, we
           Presenting the award, IITPSA Tony Parry, chief executive officer, said that Prof. Calitz   can’t give awards to everyone. However,
        had dedicated his career to progressing the ICT profession through his students and his   our finalists for the 2020 President’s
        research, and had contributed significantly both to the profession and to the work of the   Awards are shining examples of what
        IITPSA over many years.                                                   can be achieved through professional
           Parry said that the manner in which this awards event was staged encapsulated much   excellence, integrity and innovation. We
        of what everyone experienced during 2020. The year was unexpectedly challenging and   congratulate every single one of our
        forced everyone to change the way in which they lived and worked.         2020 finalists, and our eventual award
           “Although we always enjoy face to face networking at our annual IITPSA gala awards   winners, and we thank you for your efforts
        event, there is a silver lining to having this one online. We are now able to welcome   to develop, deploy and apply information
        members and guests from across the country, and indeed, outside of the country and   technology that makes a difference –
        continent, with no price for admission, no limits on seating and at no risk to anyone. This is   even in the face of extreme adversity,”
        just one example of how the pandemic has forced a change in mindset and heralded the   he concluded.    n

        More IITPSA awards

        Dr Stanley Mpofu, CIO of the University of the
        Witwatersrand, and Nomthi Nelwamondo, CIO of
        Assupol, were jointly recognised as 2020’s Visionary
        CIO of the Year for their professionalism and
        excellence, particularly during the challenges of 2020.
           Ntuthuko Shezi, serial entrepreneur and innovator,
        and founder of livestock investment platform Livestock
        Wealth, was named IT Personality of the Year for 2020.
           Girl Code, an NPO empowering young girls and
        women through technology, was named winner of the
        Social Responsibility/Community Award, and
           Andre Jacobs, Chief of Product Engineering at IoT.
        nxt, was winner of the Technology Excellence Award.
           Conctratulations to all the winners.    n

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