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          Since the Covid lockdown, our lives   advantages  they  have.  If  you’ve  been
          have been in a state of flux and change.   cooped up at home and have a garden,
          It  has  upended  the  known  and  the   you are indeed fortunate to be able to get
          familiar, altering just about everything.   up from your desk and walk outside into a
          One constant amidst the chaos is the   green space, feel the grass under your feet
          steadfastness of nature, and the healing it   and smell the roses! I live in a block of flats
          provides.                         that is surrounded by beautiful gardens,
                                            and I don’t know what I would have done
          Working from home and spending more   without them during lockdown.  They
          time in confined spaces has brought about   provided an escape and a relief from the
          more focus on peoples’ gardens, for those   cabin  fever  that  was  ever-present.  If  you
          lucky  enough  to  have  them.  I’m  hoping   don’t have a garden, bring pot plants inside;
          that this has led to more of an appreciation   if you don’t have a view of nature from your
          of the green industry, the people who work   window, bring in a landscape painting.
          in it and the benefits it brings.
                                            I  salute  and  thank  the  nursery  people,
          Too often, landscaped spaces are not given   the  landscapers,  the  plant  growers,  the   Karyn Richards
          the credit they deserve for the positive   horticulturists, for their dedication to green.  Editor


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