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              IN THE CANNAbIS INDUSTRy

           In this 11th article on cannabis in Landscape SA, Johann

           Slabber, Executive Director and Head of Business
           Development at Cilo Cybin Pharmaceutical, provides
           the company’s latest updates and developments in the

                ilo Cybin believes that the world   idea of the composition of such products,
                is entering a new era, where   nor what they are consuming.”
           Cpersonalised health care is a primary
           focus and where health and wellbeing   There are two main categories of poor
           must be individualised with intelligently   quality medicines, namely sub-standard
           targeted interventions. Slabber says the   and counterfeit. The former arises as a result
           company is focussed on the three pillars   of lack of expertise, poor manufacturing
           of health, performance and longevity.   practices  or  insufficient  infrastructure,
           “Cannabis is in fact the smallest part of the   whereas the latter may contain no active
           company, and of what will come in the near   ingredients, incorrect ingredients or toxins   Johann slabber, executive director and head of
           future,” he affirms.               supplied by illegal routes.        business development at Cilo Cybin

           Having acquired both its cultivation and   Slabber says that through Cilo Cybin’s Good   health, performance and longevity. This has
           manufacturing licenses for cannabis, Cilo   Manufacturing  Practice  (GMP)  standards,   not previously been possible.
           Cybin is now heading towards listing on the   they want to provide their consumers with
           Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) early in   security and consistency in their products.   Biohacking is the constant pursuit of better
           2022.                              “We have various research institutes,   health, performance and longevity through
                                              dosing and formulation experts who have   the  use  of  apps,  technologies,  devices
           In  addition,  they  will  be  launching  their   years  of  experience  working  with  doctors   and  supplementation.  Biotechnology
           first line of manufactured products   on the dosing and treatment of acute and   and pharmaceutical companies both
           into the South African retail market by   chronic conditions. Our panel of doctors   produce medicines, but those made by
           December 2021, focussing on high quality,   will  ensure  that  products  are  specifically   biotechnology companies are derived from
           premium  cannabis  products.  In  the  fast   formulated for patients in order to provide   living organisms, whereas those made by
           developing cannabis industry, access to   individualised care and treatment.”  He   pharmaceutical companies generally have
           quality products is especially difficult, and   adds  that the  buying and  prescribing of   a chemical basis.
           Slabber warns: “With the rapid evolvement   products is just one step of the approach,
           of the industry and massive demand,   but that monitoring and reporting thereof   Slabber concludes: “We are excited to have
           there is huge potential for the spread of   is much more crucial.     been featured on Bloomberg News and this
           poor quality products before adequate                                 is just the start of more media exposure
           detection and interventions are possible.   The company combines biohacking, biotech   to come. Since August 2021, we have
           Many people use illegally supplied   and pharmaceutical methodologies to   appeared in over 100 media outlets, having
           products that have not followed the right   deliver holistic and individualised solutions   planned and developed our approach for
           processes, and the end consumer has no   that facilitate insight into their customers’   the past three years.” n

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