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          in the parkland development need to conform to Steyn City’s   them.”  Residents are aware that they need to adhere to the landscape
          specific landscape guidelines, as each private stand leads onto   guidelines  of  Steyn  City  and  one  of  Pimenta’s  responsibilities  is
          green spaces which interface between the homes themselves and   to  ensure  that  they  do  so.  He  fully  supports  the  estate’s  design
          the open parklands. This transition needs to be smooth and we   philosophy  and  says  there  is  great  value  in  it. “It’s  important  to
          need to ensure that this natural look is integrated from the buffer   understand the full scope of the philosophy and not to deviate from
          zones to the manicured wilderness of the parkland,” he explains.  it,” he states.
          Pimenta explains that at Steyn City, the focus is on attention to detail   In addition to the above, Pimenta’s responsibilities include:
          and achieving a high level of excellence. He says he was keen to   •  ensuring that landscaped areas are free of invasive species;
          make a move away from the corporate environment in order to look   •  ensuring the team’s swift response to dealing with site problems;
          at landscaping through a different lens. “I now need to approach my   •   identifying challenges, but more importantly, celebrating positive
          work from the client’s point of view, whereas before I was coming   achievements and encouraging staff members.  The latter is
          from the landscape contractor’s side, looking at what was needed   sometimes done by means of competitions and one held recently
          from that standpoint.”                                involved seeing which team could produce the best quality traffic
                                                                intersection. The winner was Derick Chauke, zone supervisor in
          Richard Mitchell states that Pimenta’s biggest contribution to Steyn   charge of the Cedar Gate entrance. Different initiatives take place
          City is his environmental knowledge and his industry background,   every month to enforce good horticultural practices, with a strong
          both bringing the requisite skills to his new position. “It is this that   emphasis on water wise principles.
          enables Dez to assess our residents’ needs and how to accommodate
                                                              Since its inception, the overall design philosophy of Steyn City
                                                              has focussed on naturally endemic plant material, and landscape
                                                              architect  Patrick  Watson  continues  to  play  an  active  role  in  this
                                                              regard. At the outset, he established an on-site growing nursery for
                                                              the project and today, plant material required is still obtained from
                                                              it. He is currently working on the re-introduction of scadoxis into the
                                                              estate’s parkland areas.

                                                              Pimenta  has  fully  embraced  his  new  position  and  role,  and  is
                                                              committed to ensuring the ongoing success of all green spaces at
                                                              Steyn City by adhering to its landscape philosophy and guidelines.
                                                              His industry knowledge coupled with his calm and professional
                                                              demeanour makes him the ideal landscape manager for this large
                                                              2000 acre canvas of lush parkland.

                                                              It is difficult to grasp the beauty of Steyn City and to fully appreciate
                                                              the masterpiece sculpted by Golf Data and maintained by Pimenta
                                                              and his team through photos only.  To truly be appreciated, the
                                                              public is encouraged to visit the estate for a game of golf or a meal
                                                              at the club house. n

          Derick Chauke, zone supervisor, and Andries schonken, contracts manager,
          Golf Data                                           Photos supplied by Steyn City • •

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