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        Realising a carbon-neutral world

        through sustainable methods

        Information from Mitsubishi Power Africa

        As global warming and climate change become more widely recognised as issues faced by the whole of
        humankind, society is entering a period of great change. In order to achieve the goal of decarbonisation
        and electrification of social infrastructure, electricity (life), mobility, and industry, are essential.

             n economical and stable energy   technology and keeping the power plants in their best condition. People cannot survive or
             supply is also necessary for   develop without electricity and abolishing thermal power plants immediately is not a solution.
        Aeconomic development and the          Mitsubishi Power supports existing thermal power plants by running them in the most
        improvement of people’s lives. With this in   efficient and sustainable manner. For this, we make use of our group’s expertise in technology
        mind, Mitsubishi Power will seriously tackle   development, while also using technology we have already put into practical use, such as the
        these issues and help realise a carbon-  optimisation of facility operations and control of overall CO₂ emissions by increasing the use
        neutral world for the continued prosperity   of digitalisation and AI.
        of the whole planet. This is the energy   In the second step, we use the AI technology developed in the first step to help customers
        transition that the Mitsubishi Power Group   in the industrial sector improve their resource and production efficiency. By contributing to
        is aiming for.                      the growth of our customers’ businesses, we expect our group’s business to expand to areas
           In order to realise a carbon-neutral   such as support for their asset operations and maintenance, as well as facility upgrades.
        world while meeting the demand for energy   Mitsubishi Power Africa is part of Mitsubishi Power, a group company of Mitsubishi
        to support economic development, it is   Heavy Industries (MHI) and a leader in technology, reliability, and service to the power
        necessary to engage in both reduction and   sector worldwide. Our product range includes large and small gas turbines in simple or
        recovery of CO₂ emissions to achieve net-  combined cycle, fuel cells and energy storage. Our steam power consists of boilers, turbines,
        zero carbon.                        geothermal, integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and air quality control systems
        The four steps of energy transition    Services include design, maintenance, monitoring, and refurbishment. The company
        The first step is to decarbonise coal and   supplies environmentally friendly, reliable, and innovative power and associated plants, power
        gas power plants and further reduce   plant maintenance services, plant modernisation solutions and digital services in Africa.
        CO₂ emissions by using high efficiency   However, reducing CO 2 emissions alone is not enough to realise our carbon-neutrality

        Hydrogen Gas Turbine developed by Mitsubishi Power.

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