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        For high quality thermal detectors,

        cores, modules and cameras

             IKMICRO, a dynamic and innovative
             company with headquarters based
       Hin Hangzhou, China, has opened
        an office in Johannesburg, South Africa.
        The company offers high quality thermal
        detectors, cores, modules and cameras
        and is determined to take thermal products
        from a niche market to a more affordable
        mass market.
           HIKMICRO is a subsidiary of global
        security manufacturer, HIKVISION, and
        therefore benefits from a strong R&D
        engineering team which provides high
        quality imaging products, dependable
        manufacturing lines and after-sale support.
           HIKVISION invested in thermal
        technology during 2008 which later paved
        the way for the foundation of HIKMICRO.   10-year warranty on the detector. Users can therefore be confident of the quality of the unit.
        The brand was officially launched in 2016   The HIKMICRO M30 model offers customers even better IR resolution at 384 x 288 and
        with a full portfolio of thermal security   the option of manual focus. These features make the unit more suitable for smaller targets at
        products and fully optimised imaging,   longer distances. Combined with the NETD of less than 35 mK at 25 Hz framerate, accuracy
        algorithms and intelligence. In 2018, a   on a thermal camera has never been better nor more affordable.
        thermal imaging camera using a 17 μm    Customers can expect even more during this year with HIKMICRO spending more than
        detector, with a resolution of 384 x 288 and   5% annual revenue on research and development. The company’s detector production facility
        640 x 512, and with a thermal sensitivity of   will make more than 30 000 sensor wafers and more than 10-million vision sensors per year, all
        less than 40 mK, was released.       of which come complete with unique integrated circuit design, packaging, and quality control.
           More recent achievements include the   The 10 000 m  product manufacturing facility can produce 1,5-million high quality units
        development and manufacture of a 12 μm   per year. Multiple global standards are maintained and certified too during strict quality control
        thermal detector, which makes it possible   and dust-free packaging.                                    n
        for the company to offer a full range
        of high quality and affordable thermal   These standards and certifications include:
        imaging cameras. The same image quality   •   ISO 9001 for Quality Management System,
        is also evident in entry-level thermal   •   ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System, and
        cameras which offer image frame rates   •   ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System
        of 25 Hz. This increases the image clarity
        and accuracy.                        Contact Reynhard Heymans, HIKMICRO,
           HIKMICRO’s products are further
        complemented with intuitive user
        interfaces, which aid in ease of operation.
        Users can analyse and report readings
        with freely available software and
        smartphone apps.
           The HIKMICRO E1L model is an
        example of a low-cost unit available to
        electrical and mechanical artisans for quick
        and easy fault finding. This unit is light
        weight, durable, easy to use – a must-
        have for any electrician and mechanical
        artisan. It offers exceptional image quality
        at a framerate of 25 Hz and a resolution of
        160 x 120. Each unit comes with a 3-year
        warranty on the complete unit, plus a

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