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        goals. The third step, then, is to promote carbon recycling, which refers to capturing and   the customers themselves. Mitsubishi
        reusing CO 2 where emissions are unavoidable. Mitsubishi Power and MHI are developing   Power would like to do away with
        various carbon capture projects and have completed several plants in the USA, Middle and   traditional buyer-seller relationships,
        Far East.                                                                 reconsider the way things are done,
           The fourth and final step is to apply the technologies that the company has implemented   and search for solutions in close
        and developed in various fields to build a hydrogen value chain. There are currently several   cooperation with external partners
        challenges to address, such as economic efficiency, but net-zero carbon can be realistically   and customers.
        achieved by 2050 by establishing a long-term vision and using accumulated resources for   Mitsubishi Power Africa is the newly
        technological innovation and business development.                        formed African service vehicle and it
           Mitsubishi Power has developed a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) with a 5 to 10 MW output,   embodies the long-term commitment of
        which is now in commercial operation in Japan. In addition, Mitsubishi Power is developing   Mitsubishi Power to support and service
        a hydrogen fired large gas turbine in the EU and USA. These hydrogen technologies become   the African power market.
        some of the solutions to the hydrogen value chain.                          The company has an outstanding
                                                                                  record of supplying plant and equipment
                                                                                  all over the African continent over many
                                                                                  decades. Well known former companies
                                                                                  from the power industry have been
                                                                                  assimilated into Mitsubishi Power over
                                                                                  time, including Hitachi, Steinmuller,
                                                                                  Babcock-Hitachi, Lentjes, and VKW.
                                                                                    Mitsubishi Power has re-
                                                                                  established a strong presence in South
                                                                                  Africa through the Medupi and Kusile
                                                                                  power station construction projects
                                                                                  where it has also been involved in
                                                                                  maintenance and service work on
                                                                                  both power stations since 2015 and
                                                                                  has completed numerous outages and
                                                                                  maintenance contracts.
                                                                                    With the two major construction
                                                                                  projects nearing completion,
                                                                                  investors deemed it fundamental in
                                                                                  the development of future business
                                                                                  to restructure the main construction
                                                                                  company MHI Power ZAF (formerly
                                                                                  Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa)
                                                                                  and create Mitsubishi Power Africa as its
                                                                                  representative in Africa.
         Figure 1: Energy trends
                                                                                    Mitsubishi Power is creating a future
                                                                                  that works for people and the planet by
        Aiming to make progress together leads to success                         developing innovative power generation
        A carbon-neutral world cannot be realised overnight. It is also unlikely that it can be   technology and solutions to enable the
        achieved with in-house technology alone, and since there are numerous methods of   decarbonisation of energy and delivery of
        decarbonising, conditions will vary greatly depending on goals, technology, timing, and   reliable power everywhere.    n

        Mitsubishi Power as BESS Integrator & Solution Provider
        Utility Scale BESS (Battery Energy Storage System ) combine with Solar, Wind and Gas generation for Grid Stabilization, Energy Arbitrage, Quick Despatch,
        Fuel Saving, Black Start and Power Quality.

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